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Belief Statement

Every student has the ability to achieve and succeed regardless of each students' ability, within his or her educational setting, provided appropriate teaching tools are utilized.  In an effort to move  young Hispanic students toward attaining high school graduation, it is vital that educators motivate and inspire the youth with the importance of a high school diploma.  This mind set can and should be developed while our students are in elementary school. Educators need to understand cultural attitudes and beliefs in an effort to support the progress of students.   It is vital that the teaching community provide educators with knowledge and tools that incorporate many learning styles. Teachers should make every effort to create lessons and assessments that will ensure a high interest level among the racial make up of each teacher’s individualized classroom.  I am a believer that anything can be accomplished provided the ganas (desire), knowledge and ability are present.  In an effort to encourage my students to achieve their personal bests I use the mantra”Si se puede” (yes we can) as a motivating tool.  I also believe that students need to be challenged and held to a higher level of expectations so that they become competitive with their peers.  Caesar Chavez motivated many people into understanding the importance of voting and effective organization through the power of education.  As a Hispanic educator, I am committed to becoming  an inspiring and motivating role model for  hispanic youth so they complete their formal education and create an environment that resonates the belief “Si se puede” (yes we can).  si podemos

The following links contain the tools and strategies that I have learned during my coursework and that have empowered me to effectively teach and engage my students.

Summer 2003
Human Learning and Development EPY 708
Classroom Management in Elementry School ICE 702
Research Methods EPY 702

Fall 2003
 Literacy Development in the Bilingual Classroom ICG 740

Spring 2004
Teaching Elementary School Mathematics ICE 652
Reading and Writing Instruction and Assessment ICG 655

Summer 2004
Contemporary Literature for Children and Young Adults CIL 740
Theories of Second Language Learning CIL 753

Fall 2004
Teaching Elementary School Social Studies ICE 658
Curriculum Development  in the Classrooms CIL 762

Spring 2005
Assessment in the Bilingual Classroom CIL 764
Classroom Diagnosis CIL 720

Summer 2005
Teaching Elementary Science ICE 655


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